Friday Free For All: Poolside Remixes Little Dragon + Chrissy Edits

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Little Dragon – “Cat Rider” (Poolside Remix)

At this point, if you’re even a casual KCRW music listener it’s probably safe to say you’re already very aware of Little Dragon and Poolside. Both acts have been championed by our DJs and have distinctive sounds that have come to define the sound of the station in recent years.

Poolside was recently commissioned by the Coterie trade show in New York to do a remix of Little Dragon’s “Cat Rider”.

The track has been floating around the internet for the past couple of weeks but has just been made available as a free download via Poolside’s Soundcloud page.


The result of this KCRW flavorbomb explosion is every bit as great as you’d expect, with Poolside tastefully laying the sexy-time disco vibes under Little Dragon frontwoman, Yukimi Nagano’s delicate vocals.

Chrissy Edits – “The Right To Dance With Somebody”

Chris Shively, a.k.a. Chrissy Murderbot is a DJ/producer probably best known for trafficking in the footwork and booty bass indigenous to his hometown of Chicago.

In addition to his own work, Shively runs the footwork/juke/future bass label Loose Squares and is a bonafide music nerd. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Back in June of 2009, Chrissy started his My Year Of Mixtapes blog, wherein he posted a new DJ mix with a write up for context every week covering a new, very specific underground genre.

It might be Quebecois Disco one week, Classic Ragga Jungle the next, and Belgian Rave music from 1991 after that. It was like an education in underground genres in blog form. If you’re interested, the blog is still up here.

Similar in concept, Chrissy launched his Year Of Edits site last month. Like the My Year Of Mixtapes series, he’ll be posting a new edit every week.

I’ve been playing Chrissy’s uptempo burner he calls “The Right To Dance With Somebody” on my show lately.



I can’t wait to hear more and I would definitely recommend that you bookmark on your browser to follow Chrissy’s new edits in the coming weeks.