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Frightened Rabbit by Brian Lowe

When Pedestrian Verse made its way to KCRW, Jason mentioned that it’s a record that will see a lot of “Best Of” lists by the end of the year.

Here we are, halfway into March and still a long way to go, but that sentiment remains true.

In their return to Morning Becomes Eclectic, right before embarking on tour, the brothers Hutchinson and the rest of the band from Scotland gave us plenty of reasons why their momentum will carry this album to the finish line.

Songs like “State Hospitals” and “The Woodpile” are those big, sweeping arrangements that don’t grab you right away, allowing you instead to wade into the water on your own. Next thing you know you’ve been pulled out to sea amidst the chaos of lead singer’s Scott Hutchinson’s emotional pleas and tepid unfamiliarity with the world around him. You’re there with him, all of them, not remembering how you got there but you stay.

Maybe it’s because every chord and every word is delivered at full strength. There is nothing watered down. They don’t want to save themselves for the long race. But maybe that’s why they’ll succeed.

I write this posthumously after seeing them in Austin at that other chaotic storm at sea that is SXSW. It’s a gauntlet that tests the mettle of every artist and band just as the year is long. But I’m excited to see what’s in store for them.

I guarantee that behind the effort of Pedestrian Verse, they’ll be there standing tall after the rain has stopped and the winter sun comes out.

Frightened Rabbit Set List for KCRW

Backyard Skulls
Dead now
State Hospital
December’s traditions
The woodpile
Living in colour
Acts of man