Front-Runner for Favorite Dance Track of the Year: “Lifting Weights”

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Like the shy kid who sits in the back of the classroom seemingly daydreaming and doodling but showing up the teacher when they get called on by giving the correct answer at the right time and then expounding upon it, Parisian House producer Pépé Bradock (nee Julien Auger) has pretty consistently skirted the farther reaches of French dance music scene.

Considering the extreme popularity of the mid-90s French Touch (everyone’s favorite robotic friends in particular,) Bradock has maintained a relatively low profile, releasing things at his own pace on his own Atavisme label. An artist literally who releases whatever he wants (2007’s “Rhapsody in Pain” is a dance track composed mostly of expertly sequenced pained moans, screams, and groans,) Bradock is beholden to no one.

It is perhaps telling then (and a tribute to their excellence) that Bradock has blessed the Acid Test series for Absurd (who released last year’s excellent Tin Man LP) with a brand new 12″ of original work. As per the concept, the tracks “Lifting Weights” and “Mujeres Nerviosas” are exercises in Acid, but given that we’re dealing with Pépé Bradock although the 303s initially create their typical Acidic tones by the end of the tracks the sounds have melted and morphed into something else completely. These are remarkably inspired tracks that are infinitely listenable, infinitely rewarding and infinitely moving.

Lifting Weights” is an absolute juggernaut and front-runner for my favorite dance track of the year.

Pépé Bradock – Lifting Weights by Absurd