FYF Fest – Reunion Time Again

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Check out the full lineup right here)

Here’s a quick rundown.

Sweden’s Refused & NYC’s Quicksand haven’t released albums since the 90s. Last heard from Refused was 1998’s The Shape Of Punk To Come, which might have been their best. Always leave them wanting more, I guess.

It’s been considerably longer since we heard from Quicksand. In 1995, after only two albums (and a cover of How Soon Is Now? for which the band might be best known for) they called it quits and members went on to different projects.

Redd Kross have reformed and released an incredible new album, “Researching The Blues”, showing they’ve lost no ground at all. Their first album in 15 years contains some of the best songs they’ve ever written. Looking forward to seeing this old school LA band perform live.

Redd Kross – Stay Away from Downtown by Sound it Out

San Diego’s Hot Snakes (which includes half of Drive Like Jehu, 90s hardcore legends) are attending this year. In 2006, they called it quits, but to my delightful surprise are listed among the other stellar acts this year. Highly recommended.

80’s faves The Vaseline’s reunited a couple years ago and also released a new album in 2010 called “Sex With An X”.  Should be a treat to hear all those old 80s tunes I never got to hear the first time around.

Finally, while Dinosaur Jr. never really went away, original bassist Lou Barlow (Sebadoh) came back in the fold around 2005. Okay, maybe they shouldn’t be listed among the recently reunited, how can I write about FYF bands and not mention The Dino??

This is only a small taste of what you have in store this coming weekend. Among these iconic bands are dozens of up-and-comers, comedians, great booths of food and music… it’s easily my favorite place to be every summer. Hope to see you out there!

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