Glass Animals Cover Kanye West: “Love Lockdown”

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These days especially, people seem to have a wide range of feelings about Kanye West, based on a life that bounces  from musical genius to celeb tabloid magnet and everything in between.

With his most recently album “Yeezus” he took his musical experimentation to the next level but, before that, there was “808s & Heartbreak”. His 4th studio album was conceived in the wake of some major life events, including the death of his mother, and was his first major musical departure – he mostly sang (with a lotta autotune) instead of rapping and sang a LOT about heartbreak.

“Love Lockdown” was the excellent first single.

With it’s electro-pop style, it seems to be the most likely candidate for a Kanye song to be covered by a band from Oxford whose music can be described as “sexy rainforest funk”.

Glass Animals covered “Love Lockdown” when I saw them at the Masonic Lodge at a sold out show earlier this year and it was a huge hit with the crowd. It’s also on their “Pools” Ep.

They included it in their fantastic MBE set, the first time they’ve played it live on the radio with the full band set up. It’s excellent and worth a listen.