Glen Hansard Live on KCRW — Bird of Sorrow

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Glen Hansard by Larry Hirshowitz

KCRW DJ Raul Campos and I were comparing goosebumps during Glen Hansard’s performance of “Bird of Sorrow” this morning. Red-faced and with his beat up guitar (“the horse”) strapped around his neck, directing his band into a crescendo just past the 3-minute mark with his eyes, he reminded us why he’s one of the most powerful singer-songwriters in music today.

When he says “love is gonna find you again” you’d have to be made of ice not to believe it.

He is so clearly committed to every single song, giving all of himself in each performance, which is really all you could ever ask of a performer.

He kicked off the set with the excellent first single from his first solo record, “Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting” — adding a bit of Aretha’s “Respect” at the end – then closed it with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Drive All Night” and a happy birthday shout out to Paul McCartney.

One of the best Morning Becomes Eclectic performances so far this year. Check it out here.


Glen Hansard Live on KCRW

Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting

Talking With the Wolves

Maybe Not Tonight

The Storm, It’s Coming

High Hope

Bird of Sorrow

Drive All Night (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Glen Hansard by Larry Hirshowitz
Glen Hansard by Larry Hirshowitz
Glen Hansard by Larry Hirshowitz
Glen Hansard and MBE producer Ariana Morgenstern by Larry Hirshowitz