Gomez Live on KCRW – Whatever’s On Your Mind

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photo by Brantley Gutierrez

Gomez has played in KCRW’s studios for almost every album they’ve released so they’re like old friends at this point. Speaking of old friends, they were joking about how they were still recovering from drinking with fellow UK rockers Elbow. Both bands hail from the northwest of England and apparently it turns into a bit of a drinking competition when they get together.

They talked about how they recorded their latest album “Whatever’s On Your Mind” in record time because they have to be more organized before hitting the studio now that everyone has kids. The writing process, however, was done apart with them sending each other songs, “like love letters to each other”. The best of the bunch ended up on the album, including the excellent title track.

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Gomez Live on KCRW Track List

Whatever’s On You Mind

That Wolf


Our Goodbye

I Will Take You There

Just as Lost as You

Make No Sound