Grab the Local Natives Live Performance Podcast!

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Did you know you can download podcasts of our Morning Becomes Eclectic performances? We offer a new session about every two weeks and Local Natives is up until Thursday, June 3. Sign up now and grab it while you can! Josh Rouse is up next in June, followed by Ozomatli and Air.

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While you’re on KCRW’s Podcast page, why don’t you sign up for the Guest DJ Project too? We invite a wide array of creatives – architects, choreographers, directors, fashion designers, authors – to choose five songs that have inspired them throughout their life – a herculean task for any music lover.

They share everything from confessional tales about their youth (Director Nick Stoller, I’m talking about you), to the ups and downs of their careers (Brad Meltzers musings on rejection are classic) and the songs that inspire their work to this day. Check out current guest Fatima Robinson and more in the archives.