Graffiti6 Live on KCRW

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Graffiti6 surprised me this morning. After hearing their single “Annie You Save Me”, I was expecting some kind of  electro-pop dance party.

But what we got was actually much, much better. Three musicians in a circle playing two guitars and a bass and singing. Simple.

And it really showed off the vocal talent of singer Jamie Scott, who looked a bit like James Dean in his white t-shirt. I didn’t realize their music was so soulful but this mostly acoustic rendering really brought out all the emotion in the songs. Initially, they decided to go the acoustic route to save money while touring, but it worked out so well that people really love the new versions of their songs.

Jamie talked about meeting bandmate Tommy D, a longtime DJ and producer, saying walking through his front door was “one of the best things that ever happened to me”.

Stare Into The Sun” was the first song they wrote together and was a real highlight this morning. They also played some inventive covers – I LOVE their version of Queen’s “Best Friend” and Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”.

I’m pretty sure the UK group will really impress the crowd at the Hammer Museum this Thursday when they play a rare (and free!) LA show as part of the Also I Like to Rock series. See them now, trust me.

Check out the set here.


Graffiti6 Live on KCRW

Lay Me Down
Stone in My Heart
Best Friend
Annie You Save Me
Stare Into the Sun
No Diggity
Over You