Guest DJ Project: Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones shakes to Rolling Stones

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As I was new to “shaker” territory, I consumed everything I could about it. I also worked in a newsroom and, when anyone had a question about earthquakes, they went directly to Dr. Lucy Jones.

She studies seismic waves for a living and she quickly makes the connection with soundwaves in her Guest DJ set, saying “the equations that describe the revolution of an electron around an atom are the same equations we use to portray musical harmonies.”

Lucy also has a talent many might not know about – she is an expert in 15th century classical music and plays an instrument called the Viola Da Gamba. When she visited our studio to record her Guest DJ set, she was on her way to a lesson and had her instrument in hand. She treated us to an impromptu performance in the front office. The instrument resembles a cello and, according to Lucy, is starting to make a comeback after years in relative obscurity.

She works for the U.S. Geological Survey, based at CalTech and I’m sure would want me to end this missive with one note: BE PREPARED! (And maybe follow her on Twitter.)

Here is Dr. Lucy Jones’ Guest DJ Project Tracklist:

Pete Seeger – “Down By The Riverside”
Carole King – “I Feel the Earth Move”
Rolling Stones – “Paint It Black”
Vittorio Ghielmi – “Jupiter”
Anne Feeney – “Kilkelly, Ireland”

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