Guest DJ Set from The “Goddess of Raw Foods” Ani Phyo

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Ani Phyo is an all around raw food maven.  She has been called the “goddess of raw foods” by Andrew Zimmern, the host of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods” and just released a new cookbook but her recent visit to KCRW was ALL about music.

I love that we keep uncovering how much electronic music/ the rave scene has had a huge impact our guests. Dita Von Teese picked a dance track last week and Ani also talked about how working in an underground club in London changed her life:

“Having grown up Asian American, typical, learning piano and violin, much more conservative, and then going into new wave – this was a whole new genre of music that I just loved so much…it just really shifted my whole reality in life because I grew up sort of more of a shy kid and I felt that it did help to open me up and really find who I was and to express myself more.”

I hear this sentiment reflected often and it’s true for myself as well.

Hear all of Ani’s picks here.

Ani Phyo’s Guest DJ Set Tracklist:

1. Everybody’s Free to Feel Good – Rozalla

2. Kiss That Frog – Peter Gabriel

3. Mr. Jones – The Counting Crows

4. Porcelain – Moby

5. Scream – Andy Caldwell