Hanni El Khatib – Local Band We Love

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If you weren’t able to score tickets to Henry Rollins’ KCRW benefit show “Rare Cuts and Conversation” tonight, there’s another great gig happening right around the corner. “Vintage rock ’n’ soul whirlwind” Hanni El Khatib (I stole that description from Kevin at Buzz Bands because it’s too perfect to mess with) will be playing at the Echo.

Local music scribe Molly Bergen turned me onto this artist and I was sold after checking out his EP over the weekend. It’s right up my alley — sexy, bluesy, and soulful. I hear a full length is forthcoming next year and I really look forward to hearing it.

In the meantime, DJs Garth Trinidad, Mathieu Schreyer and Dan Wilcox are spinning the tracks “You Rascal You” and “Dead Wrong.” Check out a cool video for the latter below.