Hanni El Khatib Debuts New Song on KCRW – Good Feeling

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 Hanni El Khatib took advantage of his U.S. radio debut on KCRW to play a brand new song that has never been recorded, “Good Feeling”, along with a handful of other biting garage rock songs off his full length debut “Will the Guns Come Out”.

It is clear Hanni has a wide range of musical influences and it’s incredible that the band is only him and drummer Nicky Fleming, because it sounds like so much more. It reminds me of the first time I saw the Black Keys in our studio, I just couldn’t believe it was only two of them. Hanni has star power as a guitar player and as a singer and the seconds of silence in songs like “Loved One” just keep you on the edge of your seat, in a good way. While the catchy directness of “I Got a Thing”, originally by Funkadelic and made famous as part of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign, is just two minutes of pure fun — and fitting for the musician who was once a creative director at a skateboarding company. In fact, we can proudly call Hanni a local artist since he relocated from the Bay Area for that job.

It’s raw, riveting rock and roll, with a slight retro influence that shifts from song to song.

In the interview he talks about how his cover of “You Rascal You” (originally a jazz track) as well as the first song he ever learned on guitar – Cream’sSunshine of Your Love.

Find the full session here


Hanni El Khatib Live on KCRW

Irresistible Force

I Got a Thing

You Rascal You

Come Alive

Dead Wrong

Build. Destroy. Rebuild

Garbage City

Heartbreak Hotel

Loved One

Good Feeling