Happy Valentine’s Day from Robyn Hitchcock

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When Robyn Hitchcock appeared on Morning Becomes Eclectic last year, I made a mental note to ask him to make a Valentine’s Day playlist for us. He’s so witty, I  couldn’t wait to hear his take on the big four-letter word – LOVE.

When he sent the playlist, I asked him to expand on his thoughts, so he sent a poem as well. Enjoy both below, followed by a Spotify player so you can listen.

‘Love is like a hyacinth, it blooms and it fades
Press it in your memories, it will not degrade
The juices may run thin, but the scent remains
Wafting up towards you, every time it rains’

Robyn Hitchcock’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

Love is poignant, because there are no happy endings in love: somebody always goes first, unless it’s a joint fatality – and these are seldom seen as lucky. So my valentines would be, in no order.

Oh Yeah – Roxy Music
Girl From The North Country – Bob Dylan
The End – The Doors
Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye – Leonard Cohen
Late Night – Syd Barrett
I Dream A Highway – Gillian Welch
The Bees – Belly
Honey Don’t Think – Grant Lee Buffalo
Pale Blue Eyes – The Velvet Underground
Andmoreagain – Love
Love – John Lennon
First Girl I Loved – The Incredible String Band

Drop the needle in the groove and weep…

Hope to see you soon,

Happy Valentine’s,

Robyn x