Harpooner – “Carolines” Video Premiere

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I’m a Hoosier by birth, so I’m always happy to hear of new bands from my home state of Indiana.  And although the Bloomington, IN-bred trio Harpooner have since relocated to Nashville (for business reasons I can totally understand), I am still happy to celebrate them on the occasion of their debut album, Rose Park, newly announced for release on June 24.  And besides – they’re pretty noteworthy just on the strength of their tunes, including the insistent single, “Carolines,” which features a striking, black & white performance video which we are pleased to premiere.  As you will see, they are joined by their fellow Bloomington transplant, Diederik Van Wassener, on violin, lending an extra layer to the band’s folksy brand of indie rock.

The band was certainly aiming for a particular look for their video, both artistically and thematically.  In their own words: “We thought a centrifugal force from the camerawork would best represent the song, constantly pulling away and swinging around the center. As soon as you get used to one direction, the opposite occurs. This high contrast black and white video will hopefully encourage us to best represent all of our species, not just those who are like-minded to us.”  But if celebrating differences is part of their aesthetic, there’s one thing we can all agree upon – this is a new band to watch!