Hear Nick Stoller’s Hilarious Guest DJ Project Set

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NickStollerNick Stoller’s brand of comedy is a specific kind – comedy that comes from pain. It is well represented in his Guest DJ Project set as he shares some hilarious yet cringe-worthy songs and stories from his youth, as well as the track that inspired his latest film, “Get Him to the Greek,” which he wrote and directed.

Nick calls Pulp’s “Common People” “one of the best songs ever written” and says he listened to it over and over again while writing the script to “Get Him to The Greek,” using it as an inspiration for the character, the story and the energy of the film. He also proclaimed his love for Stephen Merritt and the Magnetic Fields. On “All My Little Words”:

“I feel like he does with songs what I aspire to do with movies, which is to write songs that are both touching and hilarious. And I think this song is just beautiful. But also, when you listen to the lyrics, the guy who’s singing it is incredibly pathetic. And is trying desperately to get this girl who he knows there’s no chance he can get with. It really perfectly encapsulates the pathetic-ness that especially the male species can achieve. And that I have certainly experienced as a youngster, and still do sometimes.”

He doesn’t hold back on funny and embarrassing stories about C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat” and Erasure’s “Always” but I won’t ruin it by sharing it here.

His new film “Get Him to the Greek,” which stars comedian Russell Brand, is a spin off from Nick’s directorial debut, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and is in theaters June 4.


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