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KCRW is proud to be the first to offer an exclusive preview of local band Delta Spirit’s new album, “History from Below.”  After a couple of years of non-stop touring for their debut, they finally decided to take some time off and work on new songs with the help of My Morning Jacket’s Bo Koster. The result is worth the wait — a collection of soulful tunes with a lot of heart. You can find the whole album streaming here until June 22: http://tinyurl.com/deltapreview

If there is a lyrical theme in Delta Sprit’s new record it’s probably the idea of loss — and the strength and endurance we discover as subjects in the great experiments of love and life.  That’s not to say that “History from Below” is a somber and brooding album, quite the opposite.  The Long Beach-based band tackles these heartfelt musings with a sense of optimism that is punctuated by catchy almost urgent melodies on many tracks and their immediately accessible roots-rock guitar. This album will grow on you in the best of ways.

We’ve previously streamed new releases from LCD Soundsystem, Band of Horses, The National, The Dead Weather, Minus the Bear and Marina and the Diamonds so keep an eye on this page every Monday for a new disc: http://www.kcrw.com/albumpreview

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