Henry Rollins at Amoeba: What’s in My Bag?

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Henry Rollins has an incredible collection of music he’s purchased in his travels around the world and picked up in his life as a musician. (And I make that statement without even including all the unreleased gems he’s hiding away … for more on that go here).

But Amoeba is a favorite destination for all LA music lovers and when Henry was playing a live set there on Record Store Day earlier this year, he taped a segment of their ongoing series “What’s in My Bag?”. Wearing a DEVO shirt and wondering the racks, he grabbed some choice selections, including albums by Hive Mind, J Mascis and a Japanese sax player from the 80’s who reminds him of Albert Ayler.

Watch it all below and join us this Saturday when KCRW broadcasts live from Amoeba from noon to 10pm to celebrate their 10-year anniversary! Henry is on at 8 and you won’t want to miss it!