Henry Rollins Roast!

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We lovingly roasted Henry Rollins this weekend since he was traversing the globe during our annual Winter Pledge Drive. Not surprisingly, KCRW listeners have strong feelings about Henry and we asked them to record some of them. Here are our favorites:

KCRW’s Henry Rollins Roast by KCRW

Also, Henry writes a column for the LA Weekly and last week’s was one of my favorites. I found it really inspirational and wanted to share! Here’s an excerpt:

“In 1986, when the band I was in, Black Flag, broke up, I was determined to stay in the game, so to speak. The group’s demise has been a great motivator in the last quarter-century of my life. That year, I told myself that I will not become addicted, irrelevant or inactive. I will not rest on past achievements. I will not rest at all. I will be productive, prolific and freakishly hardworking. I will do more shows than all my other ex-bandmates would ever have the stamina to withstand. In that respect, I have never looked back.”