Hey Love! Listen to New Quadron

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As Jason Bentley says, this new Quadron track is a “toe-tapper”.

Hey Love (Available on iTunes 3/5!) by QuadronMusic

A lot has happened since we first fell in love with this band four years ago. The dynamic duo from Denmark — vocalist Coco and multi-instrumentalist/producer Robin Hannibal — have been spending a LOT of time in LA.

And Robin is now a part of another band we love, Rhye, with an album out this Spring. So what else can we expect on Quadron’s sophomore album? They say “more up-tempo songs and thoughtful instrumentation” and an evolution of their sound.

Revisit our incredible live session with the band and grab this song on iTunes on March 5.

For old times sake, here’s my favorite off their last album, “Slippin’“.

Slippin’ by QuadronMusic