Hiatus Kaiyote U.S. Live Radio Debut on KCRW – Nakamarra and Breathing Underwater

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Sometimes it takes seeing a band live to “get it”. Case in point: Hiatus Kaiyote.

Various KCRW DJs have been championing this Australian band for some time now, so much so that other musicians who listen to the station have become fans themselves and are carrying the torch – a member of Dirty Projectors turned on someone in Animal Collective, who then sent it to Questlove, who is now one of their most outspoken supporters.

Seeing them performing in our studios, I realized they are much jazzier than I picked up from listening to their recorded work. They have that relaxed looseness and soulful vibe that can only come from incredible technique and being completely in sync with each other. It’s really impressive to watch, and especially hard to take your eyes off frontwoman Nai Palm.

Nakamarra” has been a favorite on our airwaves but they also gifted us with a new song that the band hasn’t recorded yet and has only played a few times live called “Breathing Underwater”.

Find the full session in the archives here.