HoneyHoney Live on KCRW – Turn That Finger Around

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It’s always a good sign when I have a song from the morning’s performance still stuck in my head at 5pm. HoneyHoney’s “Turn That Finger Around” certainly makes my list for best tracks of the year.  And, even better, they’re an LA band!

Singer Suzanne Santo totally owns the song and her banjo playing on “L.A. River “was a real highlight of the session this morning, as was her ribbing of partner in crime Ben Jaffe. She made it clear in the interview that she is a huge fan of his work, which is perhaps why their collaboration works so well. It always helps when co-workers in any of job are in awe of each other’s talents. It happens here at KCRW ALL the time!

This was a fantastic session from a band on the rise.  Enjoy it in the archives here.


HoneyHoney Live on KCRW

Angel of Death

I Don’t Mind

Not For Long

Don’t Know

L.A. River


Thin Line

Turn That Finger Around