Hot Hot Heat on KCRW

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Hot Hot Heat blew us all away this morning with a set of poppy, punky rock. It’s the first time I’ve seen the Canadian rockers live, even though I’ve been a fan since their full length debut , Make Up the Breakdown, which had one of the catchiest songs of the 2002 with “Bandages.” They seem so young, it’s hard to believe they topped the charts nearly 10 years ago, but they definitely seem dedicated to playing what makes them happy at this point in their career.

Singer Steve Bays has such a natural ease and self confidence as a performer – he puts on a great show without any of it seeming like forced posturing and his voice is something truly special. It shines on new tracks like “21 @ 12” and “Goddess on the Prairie.” They treated us to old favorites “No Not Now” and “Middle of Nowhere” as well. Definitely check out this set