“House” is Back! Lisa Edelstein & Amber Tamblyn Talk Music

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Amber Tamblyn with KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole
Amber Tamblyn with KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

“House” is one of my favorite shows on TV and I’m so excited that one of our Guest DJ Project participants is joining the cast! Former “Joan of Arcadia” star Amber Tamblyn will appear in multiple episodes, playing a brilliant med student who joins Dr. House’s team. The show’s seventh season gets underway tonight!

Amber was a hoot when she came in to tape her Guest DJ set. She’s a firecracker and has really eclectic music tastes. One of her song picks – “Old Fashioned Morphine” – made it into my personal iTunes after she played it for us. Check out her full set here.

edelsteinAlso, her “House” co-star Lisa Edelstein – who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy – appeared on the show last year, and talked about how she and Hugh Laurie bonded over music while shooting the pilot episode for the Fox TV show. She also shares some really funny and poignant stories about other songs that have inspired her throughout her life, including the first song that made her feel sexy and how she mistakenly discovered prog rock.

Hear her full set online and check out the track lists below!

Amber Tamblyn’s Guest DJ Project T racklist

1) Dog Days Are Over Now – Florence and the Machine
2) 29 Acts of Love – Gliss
3) Detroit has a Skyline (Acoustic) – Superchunk
4) Old Fashioned Morphine – Jolie Holland
5) Turquoise Hexagon Sun – Boards of Canada

Lisa Edelstein’s Guest DJ Project Tracklist

1) Carole King – I Feel the Earth Move
2) Yes – And You And I
3) The Rolling Stones – Melody
4) Lou Reed – Walk On the Wild Side
5) Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised