Ivan & Alyosha Live on KCRW: Running for Cover

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Only a few times a year do I see a band in studio and become a HUGE fan based on their 30-minute performance. I had that experience this morning watching Ivan & Alyosha. What they do is not complicated or groundbreaking, they just do what they do very, very well.

“Folk-pop” is the best description and I was taken by songs like “Be Your Man” (I could literally imagine the ladies swooning when they sang it) and, of course, the one we’ve been spinning nonstop, “Running for Cover”.

The band knew they hit gold as soon as Pete wrote it. He shared it with his brother Tim and his bandmates and they did a demo right away. It’s amazing that writing a great song can be that easy.

They told us they had the show of a lifetime last night in LA at The Echo. They also just came off over a dozen gigs at SXSW so I think we benefited from them being on a roll! Check out the full performance here.

Ivan & Alyosha Live on KCRW

Be Your Man
Easy to Love
Running for Cover
The Fold
Fathers Be Kind
Who Are You
Don’t Wanna Die Anymore