Jack White – Love Interruption Video

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When I heard about a Jack White solo album, I expected the first single to knock me off my feet. But it didn’t.

It was a slow burn. And now I can’t stop listening to “Love Interruption”.

The lyrics are intense – the song opens with the words “I want love to roll me over slowly stick a knife inside me, and twist it all around” – but that’s what sucked me in. Jack has just released a video for the track which he directed himself.

The best part is that you get to see the interaction between White and his female counterpart on the song, vocalist Ruby Amanfu. You can feel the tension. Not romantic tension, but the tension of two singers utterly committed to every word and bound together by them.

His album is called “Blunderbuss” and he just released the tracklising. It will be about April 24. No LA tour dates are planned yet, but hopefully that will change.


p.s.: He’ll be on Saturday Night Live next week (March 3).

Blunderbuss Tracklisting :

01 Missing Pieces
02 Sixteen Saltines
03 Freedom at 21
04 Love Interruption
05 Blunderbuss
06 Hypocritical Kiss
07 Weep Themselves to Sleep
08 I’m Shakin’
09 Trash Tongue Talker
10 Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy
11 I Guess I Should Go to Sleep
12 On And On And On
13 Take Me With You When You Go