Jack White Performs on Morning Becomes Eclectic

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When I got a stream of Jack White’s new album, I was more than curious to hear it, given what was already publicly known. He recorded with a bunch of hip hop musicians in cities he’s never recorded in before (LA &NYC), he finally embraced Pro Tools, and a music manuscript from Al Capone – that he bought at an auction – inspired one of the songs. Intrigue abound!

All this to say — the album is wildly different than anything he’s done before. An experimental and exciting step forward for an artist who seems to be constantly challenging himself.

Photo: David James Swanson (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

When he walked in the studio with his band to record for KCRW, it was one of his first live sets in almost 4 years. It was an invigorating performance and, while we do not have video (at the artist’s request), I highly recommend you listen to it below and then watch the interview with MBE host Jason Bentley to hear his advice for aspiring musicians and the lowdown on his touring band.

(Header photo c/o: Brian Lowe)