Jamestown Revival Live on KCRW — California

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Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance are old friends who grew up together in Magnolia, Texas. After pursuing solo careers, they came together for Jamestown Revival, eventually moving to LA after some time in Austin.

Their song “California” just reaches out and grabs you in the way the best music does.

We’re big fans here, so we were thrilled to host their radio debut and even get a brand new song (it’s the first time it’s ever been recorded) called “Trouble Is”, which they describe as a “fun little hoedown.”

After the session, we asked the guys to tell us the story behind “California” – and after hearing this, you love it even more!

They wrote it pretty much in one sitting, but were discouraged and nearly left it behind after a remark from someone they trust that was less than enthusiastic.

Good thing they didn’t let insecurity get the best of them. This Neil Young-inspired ditty, with harmonies rooted in “old country,” is solid.

Hear/watch the full set here.


Jamestown Revival by Larry Hirshowitz