Jamie Lee Curtis is Our Guest DJ

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Very rarely do I care about the personal lives of celebrities, but I’ve always wondered about Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest.

Such an interesting pairing of incredibly talented people.

rolling stoneI finally got to hear how they met when Jamie joined us as a Guest DJ this week.

The story goes that she was flipping through the issue of Rolling Stone with Cyndi Lauper on the cover when she spotted a photo of Chris and told a friend “I’m going to marry that guy.”

After going out on a limb and offering her phone number to his agent and an awkward run in in a restaurant, they were soon dating and soon after married.

Listen to the full session below.

Another fun fact: Jamie played rhythm guitar in Shaun Cassidy’s first band!

p.s. for those who love the Scream Queen and her breakout role in the horror series Halloween, you should know that Halloween: The Complete Collection” Blu-ray box set will be out later this month.