Jamie Lidell on KCRW — Don’t You Love Me

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Jamie Lidell is a one man band this time around

KCRW DJ Mario Cotto described Jamie Lidell as the “progenitor of his own completely original genre…” That does well to make sense of the funked out grooves that the now Nashville-based soul singer/producer delivers; A unique, unclassifiable form of glitch soul and R&B.

Calling his latest self-titled album “an electronic affair” Lidell returned to Morning Becomes Eclectic as a one man band, trading in the multi- instrument ensemble for a few more machines and effects.

The end result is a refreshed artist who calmly and coolly lays it all out on the table for you, mistakes and all, to make of it what you will. Those deep baselines and hip shaking grooves are not meant to be cut and pasted from one show to the next. The vocals are expected  to dip and dive like a banging karaoke party. Its pure fun that is as simple as it is honest.

Jamie Lidell Live on KCRW – Set List

You Naked
A little bit more
Don’t you Love Me
What A Shame
When I Come Back Around
Another Day
She needs Me