Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

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KCRW DJ Liza Richardson taped a Guest DJ Project set with Director Tamra Davis that will be airing next month, but we couldn’t wait to tell you about her new movie. Davis directed the recent documentary on artist Jean Michel Basquiat, which is only in theaters for two more days here in LA.  Liza tells you why it’s worth rushing out to see:

basquiat poster_m“I loooooove this documentary. It gave me the same feeling I felt when I saw Dogtown and Z Boys for the first time and, like that film, I will watch Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child over and over and over.

Both films superbly capture a time, place and culture. Both films make me feel a profound feeling of identity. Both films give me a deep sense of nostalgia and the feeling that I was there for a moment I wasn’t a part of at all. I didn’t live in New York in the 80s (or ever for that matter) but watching Tamra Davis’ Radiant Child makes me wish I had and inexplicably makes me feel like I did.

The music in the film inspires me to research my heart out, dedicate radio shows to it and try to become an expert on everything related to it: the jazz, the early Tommy Boy 12”s, Talking Heads first tracks, the “New York Noise,” the music centered around The Factory and the blues.

I don’t think there is a soundtrack release, but I urge you to take this list of songs (below) and download everything on it, then keep going.”

–   Liza Richardson

Editor’s note:  Sample a music cue created by Davis’ husband, Mike D aka Mike Diamond, and his fellow Beaties Boys member Adam Horowitz called “Canal Zone.” Below are all the music cues for the film, as well as a trailer.   The film will be out on DVD in October.

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child Music Cues

“Salt Peanuts”  by Dizzy Gillespie

“The Message”  by Grand Master Flash

“Dirty Windows”   by the Dan Braun Experience

“Planet Rock”  by Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Sonic Force

“Canal Zone” by Adam Horovitz and Mike Diamond

“I Saw You Likin’ Everything” by Gray

“Uh-Oh Love Comes to Town” by the Talking Heads

“Bohemia” by Mike Diamond

“Cavern” by Liquid Liquid

“Shoot You Down” by APB

“Green Haze” by Miles Davis

“Moving In” by Adam Horovitz

“Blonde Red Head” by DNA

“Four” by Miles Davis

“PS1” by Adam Horovitz

“Bolero” by Maurice Ravel

“Doxy” by Sonny Rollins

“By the Numbers” John Coltrane

“Hot House” by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie

“Crosby Street” by Adam Horovitz

“Smiling Monarchs” by Abecedarians

“Piano Sonata in E Flat Opus 7” by Beethoven

“Your Life” by Konk

“Optimo” by Liquid Liquid

“Ginza” by Vince Guaraldi

“Minimalism” by Adam Horovitz

“Moon Pie” by Poncho Sanchez

“Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight” by Dominatrix

“Strode Rode” by Sonny Rollins

“Jaded” by Contortions

“One Of These Days” by John Lee Hookier

“Beginning to See the Light” by Velvet Underground

“Hawaii” by String Theory

“Obsession” by Animotion

“Not Expected” by String Theory

“Nobody But You” by Lou Reed and John Cale

“Eight Hour Religion” by Gray

“Symphony #3 in E Flat, Op. 55 Eroica” by Beethoven

“Basquiat Score” by J. Ralph

“Bolero” by String Theory

“Basquiat Score” by J. Ralph