Jega on MBE

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Tracks off Jega’s latest album “Variance” have been Jason’s music bed of choice during Morning Becomes Eclectic for some time now so it was great to see him live and in action. Growing up in Manchester, Jega (aka Dylan Nathan) was part of a burgeoning drum and bass scene and experimented with more introverted electronic music – not just tracks for the dance floor. He found his own unique style – combining rich textures, soundscapes, and colorful melodies with complex beat structures.

Jason and Jega had a very interesting conversation about LA’s electronica scene. Jason complimented him for his balance in a scene where many beatmakers seem to be competing for who can be the most abstract, with some making music that is nearly unlistenable. While Jega agreed, he said he’s glad people are pushing the limits and pointed to LA’s “glitch hop” movement, a next generation of hip hop that includes elements of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music).  It will be interesting to see what comes of it in ’10.

For now, check out a great live set from Jega