Jenny and Johnny Debut New Song Live on KCRW

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by Larry Hirshowitz
by Larry Hirshowitz

Jenny and Johnny’s albumI’m Having Fun Noweasily made my Top Ten Albums of the Year list and they never disappoint live. I even caught Jason Bentley playing a little air guitar during “Slave Driver” this morning.

The musical and romantic couple – Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley and Johnathan Rice — said they went into the studio together without telling anyone they were working on a new project so it was “totally freeing.” Jenny says “the intention for us was pure musical joy.”

They certainly achieve that with songs like “Big Wave,” where Jenny takes the lead, and “Switchblade,” about Johnathan’s first weeks living in New York City at age 18.

Jenny even debuted a new song she wrote to keep herself sane while on the road with a bunch of guys. It’s called “Just One of the Guys” and has one of those sticky choruses she’s famous for. They finished the set with a gorgeous cover of “Love Hurts” that didn’t make it on air, so check it out — and the rest of the set — in the archives here.


Jenny and Johnny Live on KCRW

Scissor Runner


My Pet Snakes

Just Like Zeus

Slave Driver



Big Wave

Just One of the Guys

End of the Affair

Jenny and Johnny studio knobs
by Larry Hirshowitz

by Larry Hirshowitz
by Larry Hirshowitz