Jeremy Sole + Atropolis Remix Dom La Nena – “Batuque”

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Brazilian-born, Paris-based musician Dom La Nena made her U.S. radio debut on KCRW and we were all big fans of her album “Ela”.

When asked to remix a song, KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole said he would only do it if he could use “Batuque”. It’s totally unlike any of her other songs, favoring a Brazilian groove with ritualistic drums and chanting over her normal singer-songwriter fare.

He knew exactly what he wanted to do with it, taking his inspiration from Trap music.

Jeremy recruited NYC artist Atropolis, who he considers a peer in the burgeoning sound he calls “global bass.”

From Jeremy:

“Trap music is just another formula – like reggae or disco – just another rhythm. But this rhythm is becoming part of today’s musical vocabulary.

By using that sound, I feel like I can either buy into a trend that will be a flash in the pan kind of thing OR I can help legitimize it in the history of music by adding compositions that use the formula and the arrangements, but doing so with natural instrumentation and cultural references to expand it’s reach.”

In crafting this remix, he wanted to create a song that would easily fit in a modern day DJ set, but infuse a bit of culture.

The remix reached #1 on iTunes’ World Music chart last week after it appeared in the show “Power” (50 Cent’s show on the Starz network) and you can stream it below!

Check out the original here: