Jeremy Sole Deejays Mike D’s Art Festival at MOCA

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Jeremy Sole and Mike D

KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole was handpicked by Beastie Boys’ Mike D to spin a couple sets of music at the opening night for a 17-day audio/visual art festival at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary the legendary MC is curating. Jeremy will play tunes during  an opening set for Santigold this Thursday, April 19 at 8pm

Jeremy will also return for a short set on April 26 from 7 to 8pm. The 3 week extravaganza, called “Transmission LA: A/V Club”,  includes concerts, DJ nights, performances and installations.

Famed local chef Roy Choi (the man behind Kogi, Chego, A-Frame and Sunny Spot) will have a pop-up restaurant on site for the mixed media exhibit and is actually the link between Mike and Jeremy!

From Jeremy:

“Mike is friends with Roy and really respects and loves his food. Every time Mike would eat at Sunny Spot he would need to know what music was playing.

I hand-mix the music for the restaurant so everytime he asked what it was, it was one of my mixtapes. Mike told me I was ‘un-Shazam-able’ and needed to know more about what he heard. Then Mike turned his team onto my KCRW show and reached out to me to be his guy on this.

It’s been an honor for me because all through my life it seemed the Beastie Boys were maturing and expanding in ways that paralleled my own growth. Punk, Dub, Jazz, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Funk, Blues… we’ve had a blast being wide open and brainstorming (aka nerding-out) about music for Thursday’s opening.”

Find out more info about the exhibit here.


p.s. Jason Bentley will be airing an interview with Mike D on Morning Becomes Eclectic later this week.