Jeremy Sole’s Australian Adventure

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While a big group of us KCRW folk were in Austin seeking new international sounds at SXSW, DJ Jeremy Sole went truly international – traveling to Australia to delve into their rich musical landscape. I went to Australia myself a couple years ago and immediately was adopted by the local music scene. I checked out some of the same venues as Jeremy (including the Oxford Art Factory, a very cool spot) and was as excited about the search for fresh sounds as he seems to be.

With local musicians as his tour guides and a visit to the Sydney Opera House for a performance by the YouTube Symphony Orchestra (the inaugural YTSO was performed in front of a sold out audience at NYC’s Carnegie Hall) on the schedule , it would be a shame not to document his activities so J Sole is posting to a Tumblr blog where you can follow him throughout his trip.

Oh, and you can ask him questions here.