Jessie Baylin with the Watson Twins Live on KCRW

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There are always musical styles that are hip at any given moment, be it Amy Winehouse-style soul or African guitar in pop music ala Vampire Weekend.

One of my favorites at the forefront right now is a return to ‘60’s-era pop songwriting. I grew up listening to “Brill Building” era music because my parents loved it. But I love those songs too. You can hear, feel and sing along with every single word. It’s simple yet can prompt a range of emotions.

Nashville-based singer Jessie Baylin has captured that sound on her new album “Little Spark” and brought the fabulous Watson Twins along to play it live for us in a studio session.

She said she aimed for the traditional pop melodies to feel big and epic but also seem intimate. I think she accomplished that goal and the gorgeous background vocals from the Watson Twins (KCRW favorites in their own right) really make this session special.

Enjoy it in the archives.


Jessie Baylin Live on KCRW

Little Spark
Hurry Hurry
Love is Wasted
The Winds
I Feel That Too
Greatest Thing
Troubled Little Girl

Jessie Baylin and Jason Bentley