Jetta Covers Banks’ “Waiting Game”

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Aside from having terrible artist names for internet searches, Banks & Jetta have one more striking similarity that’s hard to deny.

Big voices.

Yes, they’re both female and yes they’re both young and relatively new comers, but those are happenstance. The pure power generated by Jetta and the restrained energy of Banks add two more to the growing list of young talent not looking to hide behind over production or hooky loops.

Case in point; “Waiting Game.

In Banks’ original, the L.A. based artist firmly places her voice at the front end of the song letting you know who’s in control here. When the heavy, low-rider rattling bass comes in, it’s a mere cherry on top of an already delicious cake.

In that context, when Jetta was live in studio for her Morning Becomes Eclectic debut, the amps and woofers were replaced by an acoustic guitar a microphone and a booming voice.

Where Banks’ slithers and wraps around the beats, Jetta grabs the reigns and pushes through the dense notes leaving the guitar in a haze.

The end result is two young women showing equal ability in different ways on one song.

If only we could get them to work on S.E.O. rich internet searches.

Jetta Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic