Jodie Abacus: Artist You Should Know

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Hailing from the UK, Jodie Abacus provides deep, heartfelt songs stemming from real life experience.

With a radio DJ as a father and a fascination with MTV, connecting to audiences has always been his biggest priority.

Listeners can feel the intimacy of Abacus sitting in a dark room with his keyboard writing these songs, as he did in his breakout single “I’ll Be That Friend”.

This upbeat, soulful track was inspired by a friend who came to his aid when he needed him most.

“As I was making it – I was feeling emotional at the time — and I just came up with the chords. I sat down in an empty room, I was playing the keys and it just evolved from there.”

His sound is infectious, and audiences are starting to catch on.

When asked what’s next, Abacus replied, “There’s a lot more to come. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised.”