Jogger on MBE

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The album from local duo Jogger “This Great Pressure” was a longtime in the making and was finally finished thanks to encouragement from another LA artist, Daedelus. It is the first release on Magical Properties, his new imprint for Alpha Pup Records and represents the kind of innovative and experimental electronic music that LA is becoming known for.

They combine electronic glitchiness and beats with excellent guitarwork and more traditional song structure. Band members Amir Yaghmai (violin, guitar, vocals) and Jonathan Larroquette (laptop, controller, vocals) are Westside natives and were thrilled to be in our studios. Their notable influence on Jason Bentley was a bit coincidental – their CD got stuck in his car player for three weeks! The band joked about paying a Swedish hacker to do the job, but that incident helped Jason really appreciate their unique sounds and intricate guitar work. Amir will be touring and playing guitar alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg in the coming months so they have not live dates schedule in the near future.

Luckily, you can check out a full set here!