Jónsi on MBE, Sigur Ros Not on “Hiatus”

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I can’t think of an in-studio performance I’ve been looking forward to more than Jónsi. Unlike many of my peers and friends, I’ve never been a massive Sigur Ros fan. Though I think their music is incredibly beautiful, my personal taste tends to be more upbeat. When I first heard Jónsi’s solo album “Go,” I realized it was exactly what I had been waiting for – all the gorgeous layers and emotional vocals in a more joyful package (and English lyrics, no less!).

Jónsi tells Jason that “when you take yourself out of this small safe cocoon that is Sigur Ros and do things yourself” it is a bit scary, but very liberating.

Sigur Ros fans will be happy to hear that the band is not on “hiatus” and Jónsi expects them to be recording new material for an album in 2011.

Until then, check out Jónsi’s performance here