Josh Ritter Live on KCRW — Joy To You Baby

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Josh Ritter’s sense of storytelling in song is both heartbreaking and uplifting.

We started playing his single “Joy To You Baby” on MBE in winter and to this day I cannot concentrate on the lyrics too much before getting misty eyed. It’s not even THAT sad of a song.

On his return to Morning Becomes Eclectic, Josh packed his mixed bag of optimistic ballads and tales of love and loss. You would think a songwriter with so much emotional elasticity would appear road weary and worn out. Josh is quite the contrary, with smiling eyes and impeccably thought out wardrobes.

He moves in between his folk-tinged songs, singing eyes closed and using perfect diction (a necessity especially for the quick-worded “Hopeful”)

Speaking of wardrobes, his bassist Zack had a waxed mustache that would star in the remake of Tombstone and the other band members wore ere-specific attire with tweed vests and neck ties. The entire ensemble worked without being gimmicky. Josh’s authentic and visual songwriting has a lot to do with that.

Josh Ritter Live on KCRW – Set List

Joy To You Baby
Right Moves
The Temptation Of Adam
New Lover
In Your Arms Again


Josh Ritter Live on MBE