Julieta Venegas on MBE

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A pregnant Julieta Venegas joined us for a live set featuring songs from her 5th studio album, as well as old favorites like “Me Voy,” this morning.  She shared her love of Russian authors and went deep into how her songwriting has changed as she gets older.  The singer, who got her start in Tijuana and is now based out of Mexico City, says she used to take writing songs very seriously and her palette was limited mostly to heartbreak.  However, as she has grown, her songs have grown with her. Julieta says her songs are simpler and more complex at the same time, and a better reflection of the range emotions we all feel.  She closed the set with a treat — a performance of “Amores Perros” as song she holds close to her heart from the movie of the same name.

Check out the full set here