Junot Diaz Recommends…

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Pulitzer Prize-winning author and cultural force Junot Diaz was in the studio taping an episode of Bookworm with Michael Silverblatt (airing September 27) and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask him about music.

He excitedly directed me to go to You Tube and type in LE1F, which brought us to the video for “Wut”, which he was visibly excited about for a couple reasons. It features a confident and talented gay MC and other Wesleyan alum, including his goddaughter (who is a lawyer!). It’s already racked up almost half a million hits.

From Bookworm producer Connie Alvarez:

“I can see why he loves it. It’s odd. It’s cool. And it’s catchy. It’s HIM! He’s a quirky dude who is as suave as he is a proud geek.”

Check out his previous appearance on Bookworm here and tune in on September 27.