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A must for the serious reader, Bookworm showcases writers of fiction and poetry - the established, new or emerging - all interviewed with insight and precision by the show's host and guiding spirit, Michael Silverblatt.

After 21 years, Bookworm has a new theme -- two, in fact! Replacing the familiar "You are a Human Animal," is "I Am A Bookworm," an original composition by the idiosyncratic rock-pop group, Sparks, At the end of the show, a second Sparks composition, "Where Would We Be Without Books." Curious? Check out the lyrics!

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Lorrie Moore: Bark

Lorrie Moore's darkly humorous stories follow middle-aged men and women in states of lonely desperation trapped by the absurdities of their everyday lives. more >>


Emma Donoghue: Frog Music

Emma Donoghue found the San Francisco she uncovered while researching for her novel far more modern than the Dublin she grew up in a century later. more >>

Jeff Jackson: Mira Corpora

For Jeff Jackson, starting a novel is an invocation. There's an idea that telling our stories is cathartic but sometimes what you've really done is turn up the volume. more >>

Jeff VanderMeer: Annihilation, Authority, Acceptance

VanderMeer's trilogy chronicles expeditions orchestrated by a government agency called the Southern Reach into a dangerous landscape where reality and unreality blur. more >>


Dustin Long: Bad Teeth

Dustin Long speaks of the disappointment his generation has grown to expect at having prepared for a life that isn't there. more >>

Michelle Huneven: Off Course

Love can become a false Eden. Michelle Huneven's protagonist retreats to the Sierras to write her dissertation but upon accepting a lover begins to dwell in their affair. … more >>

John Banville (Benjamin Black): Black-Eyed Blonde

Irish author John Banville has written a new novel under his crime-fiction pseudonym, Benjamin Black, and in the guise of Raymond Chandler. more >>

Yiyun Li: Kinder than Solitude

Originally from Beijing, Yiyun Li thought she would be a scientist. Writing in her non-native English, she addresses the emotional brutality of our time. more >>

T.C. Boyle: Stories II

T.C. Boyle's latest book demonstrates the breadth of his years as a story-teller. Now in his 60's he is turning towards the uncertainties of age and our planet's destiny. … more >>

Warren Lehrer: A Life in Books

Warren Lehrer's interest in the look and shape of books has led him to become "an illuminated novelist." We discuss the future of books, authorship and print itself. more >>

Valerie Martin: The Ghost of the Mary Celeste

Valerie Martin on her fascination with the ship Mary Celeste, found floating with no crew off the coast of Spain in 1872. She says she does not believe in ghosts, but… more >>

Hilton Als: White Girls

Hilton Als' first book in 14 years is a series of essays that defy easy categorization. His "white girls" are neither necessarily girls nor white…. more >>

Richard Powers: Orfeo

Richard Powers says his new novel reveals that there's little difference between a passion and an idea. more >>

Jaime Hernandez and Junot Diaz: This Is How You Lose Her

Junot Diaz says Jaime Hernandez's illustrations for the deluxe new edition of his acclaimed collection of stories make their collaboration "rise to the level of jazz." more >>

Jonathan Blum: Last Word

Blum on publishing his first book, and the riddle of a moral contained in its inscrutable 13-year-old antihero, a Bartlebian computer whiz with a vengeful streak. more >>

Gary Shteyngart: Little Failure

Shteyngart wrote his memoir when he realized that his life story mirrored that of the 20th century, the saga of one failed superpower giving way to another failing one. more >>

Alfred Starr Hamilton: A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind

Ben Estes, Alan Felsenthal and Amanda Nadelberg read poems from Alfred Starr Hamlton's "Dreambox" and reflect on their experience editing this unsung enchanter. more >>

Denis Scheck, German literary critic and host of 'Druckfrisch'

Esteemed German literary critic Denis Scheck joins us for a special international "meeting of the minds" to appraise the state of book criticism today. more >>

James McCourt: Lasting City

James McCourt's novelistic memoir collages together vignettes of personal and queer community history in the New York City of mid-century. more >>
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Michael Silverblatt

Bookworm Michael Silverblatt is the guy authors go to when they want a serious literary conversation about their writing, because Michael reads everything they’ve ever written, often surprising the authors with insights about their work that they themselves hadn’t realized.

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