Left, Right & Center

Left, Right & Center

Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s weekly politics show where we take on the tough, divisive issues you’re afraid to talk about with your own family.

A House resolution equates antizionism with antisemitism. Is that a mistake? Plus, school libraries became a free speech battleground in Florida.

Will President Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza leave him in political purgatory? Who’s in charge of the GOP? Plus, Henry Kissinger has a complicated legacy.

Which poll numbers should you pay attention to ahead of the presidential primary season? Plus, are there any viable third-party candidates for 2024’s election?

House Speaker Johnson didn’t side with Republicans on a new spending bill — what consequences could that bring?Plus, the Biden administration faces internal pressure over the war in…

Voters took to the polls across the country this week. Democrats are largely happy with the results, but will they carry over to 2024?

An executive order from President Biden created new guidelines for AI. Is the government taking on the proper role in regulating tech?

The House finally elected a speaker this week. Now, can Biden’s priorities like aid to Israel and Ukraine get through? Plus, the press faces the fog of war in Israel and Gaza.

President Biden traveled to Israel this week to offer support, but warned against letting rage consume the response against Hamas. What does a just response from Israel look like?