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President Trump decides he’s done waiting for Congress to fund his border wall. He’s doing it himself, or at least trying to, anyway.

After a week of scandals, Virginia Democrats are in disarray.

Everyone is talking about Tuesday’s State of the Union, including us.

Democrats seem unlikely to give in to President Trump’s wall funding demands, making another government shutdown likely.

The government reopens (for now) after Trump caves on his wall demands.

Listen to America change… one person at a time. For these six people, the politics of the Trump era have changed everyday life.

We’re not talking about the hamberders.

More than 800,000 federal employees continue to go without pay in what could soon be the longest government shutdown yet.

And a continuing government shutdown.

A Left-only panel and a Right-only panel debate the future in this special episode

Secretary of Defense James “Maddog” Mattis resigns a day after Trump announces plans to withdraw military forces from Syria. Plus: can we afford a government shutdown?

President Trump says he’ll gladly take dire action if Congress won’t fund his border wall.