Intellectual, accessible, and provocative literary conversations.

Victoria Chang discusses Love, Love, her children’s novel written in verse—poetry written for children.

Victoria Chang’s Obit is a poetry book about the impact of death on the living.

Benjamin Moser recently won a Pulitzer Prize for his biography   Sontag: Her Life and Work .  In this show from the archives, he talks about Susan Sontag‘s ideology: reading more…

Daniel Kehlmann describes his new novel,  Tyll , as dark, frightening, and murky—in a good way.

Youthful nihilism, contradictory impulses, preferences and desires catch up with Rob Doyle in his explicitly autobiographical novel Threshold.

Ariana Reines discusses her A Sand Book poetry being centered around a theme of hiding: running away and trying to escape.

Charles North describes Everything and Other Poems as “messy poetry” without the formal demands of his earlier work.

Harry Dodge’s  My Meteorite: Or, Without the Random There Can Be No New Thing  shifts its scale from the cosmos to viruses.