Intellectual, accessible, and provocative literary conversations.

Life and story go hand in hand in Margot Livesey’s “The Boy in the Field.”

Daphne Merkin discusses what normative means, the concept of a normal looking life, and her new novel, “22 Minutes of Unconditional Love”.

From the archives: obliquely about Zadie Smith's "On Beauty", this intense, abstract conversation is about what a novel is.

History, autobiography, travelogue—a hybrid form—"Young Heroes of the Soviet Union: A Memoir and a Reckoning", by Alex Halberst.

Scott Spencer’s new novel, “ An Ocean Without a Shore,”  is about a life seeped in unfulfilled desires.

Brit Bennett pushes questions of race and color to their extremes in her new novel, The Vanishing Half.

The co-producer of Bookworm, Shawn Michael Sullivan, was able to rebroadcast one of his favorite shows, between Michael Silverblatt and Horacio Castellanos Moya, regarding …

Fowzia Karimi speaks about the art of the novel, and designing Above Us the Milky Way.