Justin Velor: Artist You Should Know

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If you subscribed to the Mayan Calendar’s mysterious end as apocalypse, 2013 is post-apocalypse. We are already living the End Times.

Fitting then that “2013” is the debut album from the Justin Velor alias, the project of Brutal Music boss Dom Thomas. Thomas has released a number of interesting compilations that brilliantly split the difference between psychedelic house music and KPM library music comps.

For 2013, Thomas has embraced a persona through which to create an abridged history of popular music (and tribute to late 20th Century Mancunian vibes,) the album encompasses everything from “Vangelis-inspired synth drones and nocturnal acid house rhythms to tender folk melodies” all filtered through a definitively post-punk sensibility. The album smartly features contributions from 808 State’s Graham Massey and Doves member Jez Williams, as well as vocals from Lee E John and members of Teenage Fanclub and Belle & Sebastian.

Late last year, the single “Flameout” was released with a wobbly Psychemagik remix which is also try spectacular. Whether it’s a one off or will continue to be an alias for Dom Thomas remains to be seen…but, it doesn’t really matter as all we have is now. 2013.

I played the following track on Saturday nights show…and got a number of calls about it…so here goes…”Back to the Source.”

Justin Velor – Back To the Source feat. Leee John ( Radio Edit ) by Brutal Music