KCRW Debuts New Daft Punk Score Cues from “TRON: Legacy” Soundtrack

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We have prepared a post-Thanksgiving treat for Daft Punk fans!

KCRW hosted an exclusive “TRON: Legacy” soundtrack preview event over the weekend that will be made available in its entirety on streaming on demand starting Monday, November 29 via KCRW.com, with a portion slated for airing on Morning Becomes Eclectic at 10 a.m. PST.

The show includes previews of FIVE never-before-heard tracks from the score by Daft Punk, as well as an exclusive conversation between “TRON: Legacy” Music Supervisor (and KCRW’s beloved Music Director) Jason Bentley and Director Joseph Kosinski.

Jason was instrumental in bringing the French electronic duo Daft Punk on board and the score shows them stretching out into new territory – seamlessly combining orchestral and electronic elements.

The helmet-clad robot duo have been secretive about their work on the film, but Bentley and Kosinski shared stories behind the songs and the “making of” the music, which Daft Punk recorded in part at Britain’s premier scoring facility, AIR Lyndhurst Studios, with a symphony of 100 world-class musicians.  Here’s a preview of their song “Derezzed

Kosinski tells Jason he was a big fan of Daft Punk and it was always very clear to him that they were “more than just dance-music guys.”

The first piece they debuted at the preview event, “Solar Sailer,” was included in initial demos the band sent over before they even began filming!

The tracks debuted at the preview event included: “Solar Sailer,” “Recognizer,” “Adagio For TRON,” “Disc Wars” and “TRON Legacy End Titles.

The score is slated for nationwide release on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 but visit KCRW on November 29 to hear some fascinating behind the scenes stories.

Truth be told, I’ve never even seen the original but I found the conversation riveting!