KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole Visits Quantic in Colombia

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KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole is in Cali, Colombia with Quantic (aka Will Holland) as the Worcestershire-bred music producer prepares to compete in the 14th Annual Petronio Alvarez music competition. Approximately 90 bands have traveled for days, often by boat, to compete. Quantic and his Combo Barbaro are scheduled to perform this Thursday, August 12. KCRW will cover the affair.
Jeremy says:
It’s only been a few days but my time here has been amazing and the competition hasn’t even started yet! The food, the warmth and hospitality, the records, the live music …all amazing. And for the record (pun intended), The Latin Brothers are right… “Las caleñas Son Como Las Flores”.

Quantic & His Combo Barbaro are sounding great in rehearsal sessions, as they prepare Thursday night, when they will have the ears (and hopefully the hearts) of Colombia, for 15 minutes. Stay tuned for more updates on Quantic at Petronio Alvarez.

Jeremy recently compiled a ‘Best of’ Quantic mixtape that you can download here. Also, Quantic’s new album is available as a KCRW premium during our pledge drive for just $50. Pick it up and support KCRW!